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The mission of Kinomaja Bar & Stage is to provide a high quality concert and film experience in a black-box type venue with a wealth of possibilities. In addition to state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment, there is also a full-size cinema screen. The experience is backed up by an excellent choice of two bars in Kinomaja. In addition, there is the possibility to organise memorable corporate and private events in the historic building.




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Kinomaja is a flexible event space where we have created the possibility to organise a wide variety of events. The Kinomaja team has long experience in organising cultural, corporate and private events.  We’re happy to help make even the most original ideas a reality.

The building consists of two blocks: a hall and a bar. The bar area includes a guest entrance, cloakroom, main bar, lounge and WC. The stage and backstage area in the auditorium makes it easy for the artist to move on stage. Backstage has a separate artist’s WC 

The house is accessible by car 24/7. On-street parking is charged (Old Town zone). On weekdays, you can start with a louder sound check from 17:00. There are no time restrictions on weekends. 

The neighbours are mostly offices, which gives the opportunity to hold the event until the morning.

Get in touch well in advance, as always, popular dates appeal to all.



Latest Past Events

Marta Lotta Funky Aastalõpp

Kinomaja - Bar & Stage New street 3, Tallinn

Kas olete valmis üheks korralikuks tantsumaratoniks? "Eesti otsib superstaari" üheksanda hooaja TOP 5 laulja MARTA LOTTA hullutas publikut läbi teleekraanide nii korralikult, et pärast tema saatest lahkumist jäädi esitusi juurde […]


Kinomaja - Bar & Stage New street 3, Tallinn

23 декабря, в день когда в Таллинне наступит тишина в ожидании лютеранского рождества и в городе ничего не будет происходить, состоится концерт группы ОГНИ БОЛЬШОГО ГОРОДА! ОБГ приглашают отметить окончание […]

DND & Sibyl Vane

Kinomaja - Bar & Stage New street 3, Tallinn

Head sõbrad! Et tähistada meie uue albumi "Kontserdilt koju" ilmumist ikkagi väärikalt, siis anname selle aasta viimase ja ühe väga erilise kontserdi Tallinnas Kinomaja klubis. Kanname ette terve viimase albumi […]

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The building’s origins date back to the 17th century, when the moat in front of the city wall was blocked off, the fortified zone was abolished and the city’s buildings began to break outwards from the walls. The Uus street is the first two-way street built outside the defensive walls, marking the beginning of a new phase in Tallinn’s urban development. However, the present buildings on Uus street date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1902, a residential building was completed on the plot at Uus tn 3, designed by architect Šott. The next major renovation took place between 1975 and 1981, when the building became the property of the Cinema Union. In this context, the central part of the building was enlarged to accommodate a cinema, reducing the courtyard area and adapting the layout of the building to the needs of the Union.

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